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Start small, but start

Here are some ways we can start working together:

Ideation session

A one-day broad-based ideation session around a few key areas of opportunity that yields 6-8 well-specified ideas + KPIs in an online showcase, ready for internal validation.

Let's get started

Make session

A lightweight strategic visioning, design, and prototyping process that helps you craft a cognitive strategy, delivers a functional prototype within days, and launches a MVP within weeks—depending on complexity.

Let's get started

Classic brief

If you have a specific use case you’d like us to crack, we’d be happy to get to work. We can run agile or classic waterfall depending on how you like to engage with your innovation partners.

Let's get started

Our capabilities

We can work with you across your business and through out your customer
experience. Just tell us what you need and we can make it happen.


Cognitive training

Ideation & prototyping sessions

Cognitive knowledge management

Cognitive learning platforms


Cognitive business intelligence

Analytics strategy

Customer Experience strategy

Customer journey mapping

Brand ecosystem mapping


Cognitive search & discovery

Conversational agents & bots

Personalized product recommendations

Cognitive-ready content creation

Cognitive media units

Cognitive customer service support

Ecosystem Optimization

Advanced social listening & response

Cognitive media planning & buying

Cognitive Marketing Integration