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AiMEN, Young Pope | CANAL+

Young Pope


CANAL+ / HBO’s latest series, Young Pope, is centered around the first-ever American Pope. He’s young, tech-savvy, and his goal is to give his people a God they can relate to. Our goal, tasked by Canal+, was to raise awareness and create buzz around the series.


Using artificial intelligence and social media, we launched a pretty radical campaign to bring the word of God to the masses. With the power of IBM Watson, we created AiMEN—a cognitive social listening tool that scans all the messages posted in real time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Dailymotion. When it discovers posts with amoral content, AiMEN responds with verses from the Holy Bible. So far, AiMEN has analyzed over 4 million posts, has sent over 800,000 replies, and has learned 30,000 bible verses. And the system is continuously learning new verses and finding more relevant responses to post.


The success of AiMEN has garnered over 2.4 million impressions with 89% of its interactions happening on Twitter, 7% on Facebook, 3% on YouTube, and 1% on DailyMotion. With more than 800,000 messages posted by AiMEN, the bot has done the work of 300 community managers since its launch. While these numbers illustrate the power of Watson and artificial intelligence, the real achievement was the awareness raised for Young Pope and reaching our client’s overall objectives for the campaign.


Cognitive Components

Natural Language Classifier

Tone Analyzer

Relationship Extraction