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You've got everyone on Slack and it's great. But it's getting harder and harder to find expertise outside of your teams or disciplines. The larger the team, the more you have to ask around to find experts in a particular industry, or with a certain client.


We developed an AI-powered Slack Bot that is always available, and greets the team when they login. By asking people to share their skills and experience in a natural conversation, we enable a freeform search experience that is powered by Natural Language Understanding.

For example: Alice can tell the bot "I've got experience with Nike, Staples, and the NFL", and then a Bob can ask Directory Bot "Who knows the sports industry?", and get connected with Alice, right over Slack!


We've already started unlocking wider knowledge sharing in our NY headquarters with the beta version, and are rapidly improving the bot by being able to leverage the cognitive API components and deliver instant knowledge sharing at scale.


Cognitive Components

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Natural Language Understanding


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