The Image Reader Greeter | Havas


Because Havas was whitelisted for early access to the latest Google Cloud Vision API in late 2017, we took advantage of this opportunity to approach the annual agency holiday card in a new way. The tech-first brief was simple: Design and build a sharable holiday experience for Havas using the Google Cloud Vision API.


The Image Reader Greeter is a new take on the holiday jingle. Using your mobile device, snap a photo of anything you like and the software will identify the object. Via speech synthesis, a spoken rhyme is created and read to a beat as a custom holiday jingle about the object in the photo. Combined with an animated GIF overlay pulling in various meme and holiday elements, you have a personalized holiday card that you can share across your social channels. The Image Reader Greeter is made possible by a number of technologies, including Google Cloud Vision, Datamuse, MaryTTS, CreateJS and FFmpeg.


We had fun, and learned some new tech!


Cognitive Components

Google Cloud Vision