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IBM wanted to demonstrate the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson to showcase the technology without getting into the weeds of explaining the science behind cognitive computing.


We created a highly-personalized experience on IBM’s cognitive website. Powered by IBM Watson, the site is able to anticipate the needs of the user based on IP address and other key data points. The new website delivers personalized content to make the experience as relevant as possible for each visitor. It’s a “show, don’t tell” approach for the possibilities of cognitive computing.


Visitors are able to see the case studies, content, and cognitive APIs that are most relevant to their line of business. This custom experience assures that anyone who visits the website sees only the information that’s important to them. As a result, we saw a 21% increase in time spent on the page and a 3x higher click through rate from the landing page.


Cognitive Components

Alchemy Language

Visual Recognition

Personality Insights