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Alvi | TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade


TD Ameritrade came to us with a mandate: How fast can you implement personalization to help clients get more out of their products and services?

We knew they had a wealth of best-in-class educational resources tailored to help everyone from novice traders to experts, but there was no easy way for customers to access and digest these valuable resources.


By leveraging the power of Watson, we built an AI that can assess an individual’s personality with an engaging user experience, and seamlessly present a customized curriculum of educational content for their specific learning needs.


The unique, conversational UI received extremely positive feedback from the majority of users, who offered feedback like, “the process was fun, not something I expected.” And, “I can’t believe how accurate the content was for my investing style.” The process required our team to initiate and improve collaboration across business silos within TDA. Additionally, our investor personality data has become a focal point for content, trading, and marketing groups to create a more complete profile of customer needs and provide inspiration on how to improve their experience throughout their ecosystem.


Cognitive Components

Personality Insights

Natural Language Classifier

Retrieve and Rank

Speech to Text